Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Song #228: "Give Me Tonight"--Shannon (1984)

American audiences were introduced to Shannon in 1983 when she broke through on the charts with what would be her biggest hit, "Let The Music Play", a song that continues to populate 80's channels and Saturday Night 80's shows on the radio.

But I was a much bigger fan of her follow-up single, which did not do as well commercially, but should, in my opinion, have done better. Yes, some can accuse it of being "part two" of the first single, but though there are a few similarities between the songs, I prefer to think of it building on the first, not piggybacking.

There's much more of a sense of musical urgency in "Give Me Tonight", playing off the usual screenplay, if you will, of the lovers nearing the end of their relationship, the guy one final time trying to prove to his woman that it's his love she needs.

Good energy from Shannon on her vocal performance that tells a story more than just sings a song. Two thumbs up from me.  :)

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