Thursday, November 10, 2016

Song #226: "You Dropped On Bomb On Me"--Gap Band (1982)

Their first #1 hit on the Rhythm and Blues charts, back in 1980, was the classic "Burn Rubber On Me". With fans grooving to "Early In The Morning" off the "Gap Band IV" release in 1982, the stage was set for the group to release, in my opinion, their signature song.

In 2005, we held our 20th Anniversary class reunion of the Patrick Henry High School Class of 1985. I didn't handle the music for that reunion, and we had a, well, a peculiar disc jockey. But he was spot on when he cranked up today's song. That was the closest I came that night to heading to the dance floor to throw back to 1982, but, for the sake of humanity, I chose to keep talking with friends. :)

This is one of the quintessential party songs of the 1980's. If you have an 80's party and don't play this song, it really wasn't, officially, an 80's party. So here comes the Gap Band's contribution to our musical journey, a song that kept KS 96 in Williamsburg hot and heavy.....until the night their tower fell down.  :(

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