Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Song #214: "Time The Avenger"--The Pretenders (1984)

From, by far and away, my favorite release from The Pretenders, "Learning To Crawl", comes the third of their five songs in our countdown. Four of them come from this album that took a long time to release, sadly, due to two deaths in the group.

So, some of the songs from the album were heard on radio as early as late 1982. But the full production finally became public in January, 1984, when we first heard today's song.

It's a very simple premise: time ticks away, and nothing lasts forever. And, for those of you reading this under the age of, say, 25, you will really, really understand that one day.

Sadly, most of us learn it after a lot of our own time has been placed in the rear-view mirror due to that tiny little tick, tick, tick......

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