Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Song #206: "James Dean"--Eagles (1974)

Of the five Eagles songs to make my Top 500, the first three to appear all come from their 1974 masterpiece, "On The Border".

You won't find a bad song in the bunch, as Midnight Flyer and Ol' 55 have already left their mark here, and that doesn't even take into consideration lasting classics like "Already Gone" and "Best Of My Love". Interestingly, this song was released as a single, between the two aforementioned songs that went on to have tremendous radio success.

Bernie Leadon tears it up with the guitar as the late Glenn Frey handles vocals on this ode to an American film icon gone way, way too soon.

Two more songs from the Eagles still to come, and neither of them from "On The Border". Do we go further back, or later into their tumultuous times in the late Seventies? Time will tell.  :)

I will say this, I don't even think my own brother knows what my favorite Eagles song actually is. And considering we spent literally hundreds of hours listening to their albums growing up, that is a surprise. Or maybe he'll surprise me and know.  :)

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