Thursday, December 01, 2016

Song #205: "Kodachrome"--Paul Simon (1973)

As I was going into my final summer at home before having to enter school in the Fall of 1973 in first grade (Beaverdam Elementary didn't have kindergarten when I was five), this Paul Simon classic debuted on radio, becoming a daily staple on WRVA. It was an edited version, though, as they would never allow the word "crap" on the air back in those days.

I've kinda prided myself over the last 49 plus years from staying away from curse words. Some of them irk me more than others. But, for some reason, I've never had a problem using "crap". I guess it's my one crutch.

But back to the song. What a fun tune, especially the piano and the sing-along leading to that great instrumentation as the song fades. And the chorus, wow, the chorus is just SO good.

Let's go back to a time where telephones were glued to walls and only were useful for, well, telephone calls, while pictures were taken by professionals and vacationers.  :)

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