Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Song #185: "(They Long To Be) Close To You"--The Carpenters (1970)

First today, a "Did You Know?"

Did you know that the first artist to record and release this song, seven years before Karen Carpenter made it a signature Carpenters tune, was, of all people, Richard Chamberlain?

Yes, that Richard Chamberlain.

Now, fast forward to 1970. Herb Alpert had the song, recorded it as a hopeful follow-up to his hit, "This Guy's In Love With You", and, thankfully, didn't like how it turned out. So, Alpert bequeathed it to his record company partners, and history was made.

This song made The Carpenters. It would be the launching pad for their many, many hits throughout much of the decade. They won a Grammy thanks to it in 1971, and the rest is history.

It's #2 on my favorite Carpenters songs, so we've got one more remaining, coming not too, too far down the road, and I think you'll be surprised as to which song it is. (Hint: It's not a Christmas song). :)

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