Saturday, December 10, 2016

Song #196: "Ice Cream Man"--Van Halen (1978)

In the end, it's my favorite Van Halen song, from the album that introduced myself, and everyone else, of their unique sound, incredible guitarist, crazy lead singer.....need I go on?

I remember well having a week in, I think, fifth grade where our music teacher at Beaverdam Elementary invited us to bring in a record of our favorite song at the time, and she might play it the next week in class.

I borrowed my brother's copy of "Van Halen", and sauntered into class, and, yes, she actually played this song on the good ol' record player. You remember the school issued record players, right? It kinda looked like.....

Here we are, 38 plus years later, Beaverdam Elementary survived a dose of Van Halen, and I look back at that album and remember some great songs, from "Eruption", "Jamie's Cryin'", "Feel Your Love Tonight", and, of course, today's dairy delight.

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