Friday, December 23, 2016

Song #183: "The Dating Game Closing Theme" (1973-1980)

There were many songs associated with one of Chuck Barris' ingenious game show creations, "The Dating Game", thanks to the talents of one Herb Alpert. One of them is still to come in our countdown.

But this, the fourth game show theme song in our countdown, gets more specific, as it was used as the closing theme, especially during the syndicated run of "The Dating Game" in the late 1970's. The official title is "Little Rosie", and it was written by, of all people, Chuckie Baby himself.

Below are the full version, which is nice but doesn't capture the feel of the show, and a video of the show itself, which gives you a better idea of why this then eleven year old boy would get up in his bedroom, usually in his Oakland Raiders pajamas, and dance along after Jim Lange and company would seal the end of the show with a kiss.

Some people would consider admitting this embarrassing, but I frankly don't mind. I was eleven, loved game shows and music, so I was in my zone every weeknight around 7:26pm. I mean, how else was I supposed to get ready to finish my sixth grade homework? I was getting fired up!  :)

Note: Head to about 4:46 of the bottom video. Make sure to catch the great credit at 5:31, and see if you understand the double entendre. :)

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