Monday, December 05, 2016

Song #201: "Roam"--The B-52's (1989)

We reach the 300 songs revealed milestone today with the second of three entries from the new wave group that never went away even after the new wave movement did.

In fact, some of their biggest work came, not at the beginning of the 1980's, but at the end, such as today's song. Though not as commercially popular as the smash single "Love Shack", I definitely prefer "Roam" instead.

This became a VERY popular song in the minivan with the kids and myself back in the day, with Robbie in elementary, then middle school, and Rachel starting elementary. I can still hear, oh, about five year old Rachel trying to sing this song with every bit of her lungs.  :)

So, with "Private Idaho" already having appeared, and with "Roam" today, what could possibly be my favorite B-52's song?  :)

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