Friday, December 02, 2016

Song #204: "Theme From 'Split Second'"--Stan Worth (1972)

I'm a game show fanatic. I would absolutely love to play "The $100,000 Pyramid" one day, it's my favorite game show from a "contestant" standpoint.

But, my all-time favorite game show, to this day, was, is, and forever will be, "Split Second".

I used to make quite the fuss on Thursdays, which was grocery shopping day with Mama, heading into Richmond to such supermarket classics of an era gone by like Food Fair, Colonial Stores, and Giant Open Air Market, wanting to be back home by 12:30 so I could turn on ABC and watch "Split Second."

I loved the rapid-fire questioning during the game, dug the part where the winner got a key and tried to start one of five cars in the bonus round, and, if it started, they won it!

But just as much as the format of the show, I absolutely loved the theme song. So, I was completely geeked out when I finally found it on YouTube several years back, in fact, almost as much as when I discovered another theme.....oh, that's another story for another day.  :)

If you don't remember "Split Second", it's highly doubtful you'll remember the theme. It's below, in its complete version, which you never heard on TV. You'll be able to pick up which part was used to open and close the show and go in and out of commercials.  :)  If you can't, there's an episode posted below, too.

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