Saturday, December 03, 2016

Song #203: "I Wish It Would Rain Down"--Phil Collins (1989)

Today, it's the fifth of six solo contributions from Phil Collins in our countdown, and one of two not to appear on 1985's "No Jacket Required". This song was on his late 1989 project, "...But Seriously".

It, however, would be years later before this song really became a big Collins favorite of mine, as I had a compilation CD in my van which I wore down pretty well in the wake of my Mom's passing and my subsequent beginnings of the battle with depression. Add to it tough times at work, struggles pastoring, struggles mentally, and other issues, and some days this became my theme song.

I know, however, that what I experienced through the mid-2000's was neither an identity crisis nor a mid-life crisis. It was a combination of crises, and, praise God, I made it through them. The battle is more of a skirmish today, but, once in a while, the rainy days still come.

On a completely different note, it's a shame it took this long (to late 1989) to get Eric Clapton to play lead guitar on a Phil Collins tune.

Deciding which Collins tunes would, and would not, make the cut for this countdown was excruciating. I can hear my eighteen-year old self yelling, "What?? Don't Lose My Number DIDN'T MAKE IT?!?!?!?"

Only one more Phil tune did, which will come.....after the thaw.......

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