Saturday, December 24, 2016

Song #182: "Mrs. Robinson"--Simon And Garfunkel (1967)

So Paul Simon makes a deal to write some songs for an upcoming Mike Nichols movie, "The Graduate", and only had one completed.

He said time was a factor (he didn't have enough of it), then he gave him a few notes from a song he had on the back burner, a song about the old days, of "Mrs. Roosevelt and Joe DiMaggio". The story goes, Nichols changed "Roosevelt" to "Robinson" in the conversation to go along with a character in the movie, and the rest is history.

The movie premiered late in 1967, the single was released when I was seven months old in early February, 1968, and it went on to become, perhaps, the single-best known song from the classic duo in their recording history.

It is definitely my favorite Simon and Garfunkel tune, one of two to make the Top 500 ("My Little Town" being the other). Paul, however, has one more solo song in him, and returns, later down the road.

Today, it's #HeyHeyHey to go along with your #HoHoHo !  :)

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