Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Song #193: "Sowing The Seeds Of Love"--Tears For Fears (1989)

It was the final big hit, after a long absence from the charts, for the British group Tears For Fears, who partially owned radio in 1985 thanks to songs like "Shout" and "Head Over Heels", the latter which appeared earlier in our countdown.

In the Fall of 1989, TFF returned with this song, done in the classic sound of the group. And, when all is said and done, it's my favorite from them, though, I must admit, the opening to "Head Over Heels" would probably be in my Top 25 for "All-Time Favorite Song Openings".

Peaking on radio just before the Berlin Wall came crashing down, it was appropriate for the crazy, changing times, though its message should have been pointed more East than West.  :)

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