Saturday, December 17, 2016

Song #189: "Don't Know Nothing"--Maroon 5 (2010)

Today, it's the second and final contribution from Maroon 5, thanks mostly to "The Withams' Strangest Weekend Excursion Ever", when we actually drove from Richmond to Cincinnati for our first NFL game pitting Rachel's Bengals and Robbie's San Francisco 49ers (the Niners won an uninspiring game 13-8), then immediately drove back to Richmond after the game, getting home around 2am Monday back in September, 2011....

It was a trip I didn't think possible as late as 2009, as Robbie and Rachel just didn't watch sports with me growing up....until then. I honestly think it was the advent of NFL Red Zone, whose first season on TV was 2009, that did it. They started watching NFL Football with me, and decided to pick favorite teams. Robbie picked the Niners, back when they were still struggling, while Rachel picked the Bengals.....because of the jerseys.  :)

It was a 42 hour period of complete insanity, but it was worth every single minute. Rachel, of course, would grab control of the music when she could, and, as I admitted here with the other song in the countdown, I began to really like two cuts from their "Hands All Over" release, neither of which was a hit. That's so my forte.  :)

So, today, it's the other cut that helped me drive the long, hard final hour out of Charlottesville early on that Monday morning, ending a weekend our family will never, ever forget.

Oh, and if you ever spend the night at the Country Inn and Suites in Wilder, Kentucky just across the Ohio River, make sure you ask if they'll have roasted small potatoes at the hot breakfast buffet.


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