Thursday, December 15, 2016

Song #191: "Election Day"--Arcadia (1985)

Once upon a time, over thirty years ago, during a break in being Duran Duran, three members decided to join forces and form another group, "Arcadia", who recorded one album, released in 1985, and, from it, comes today's song.

It was their only Top 10 hit in this incarnation, as the follow-up single barely made the Top 40, and, later in 1986, for all intents and purposes, the group was done.

But they did leave us this gem, and the better, full album version is posted below. Eight minutes plus of mid-80's musical goodness.  :)

Ironically, the most memorable part of Election Day 1985 was the historic flooding going on here in the Old Dominion, which I missed, while a freshman in Western Massachusetts.

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