Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Song #200: "New York Minute"--Don Henley (1990)

We begin our Top 200 with the fourth of five solo efforts from this member, then former member, then member of the Eagles.

If you've ever watched the "History of the Eagles" documentary, you know that, even though Henley grew up in rural Texas, he was able to be exposed to numerous forms of music during his childhood, which, in turn, allowed him to show so much variety musically throughout his career, solo or otherwise.

He's just as comfortable doing a country/bluegrass tune like "Midnight Flyer", back at #499 than he is crooning and wailing this lament about how life changes in an instant, sometimes out of our control, and sometimes by the choice of someone, or something, else.

I find myself, at times, being back in what I like to call the "mundane groove" of life, where I get worried about the stupidest things. And I have to go back and remind myself of my old rule: if this won't matter in 20 years, it shouldn't matter now.

After my heart attack, it only highlighted the need to remember this rule daily and not get stuck in worrying about what truly doesn't matter. Time is your greatest currency. Spend it very, very wisely.

Henley will return one more time in our countdown, and, a spoiler alert, it won't be until sometime in June.  :)

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