Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Song #179: "The Horizontal Bop"--Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band (1980)

It's the second of three Bob Seger tunes in our Top 500, all three of them from his amazing LP, "Against The Wind".

I will admit that, while compiling this particular list, I discovered some songs that I just couldn't bring to putting in this tapestry due to content issues. It's a simple case of the fact I was a pretty naive kid back in the late 1970's, and occasionally, even in junior high.

I first heard today's song in seventh grade, and I thought it was about a dance. :)

So, anyway, even knowing the real purpose of the song, this one I kept in, simply because I loved the entirety of the composition so much, from the instrumentation to the beat, and the great sound of Seger, I can overlook the fact that they're talking about everyone getting ready for, well, you know....

In case you've not heard this song I discovered on Side B of a single, hit play below.  :)

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