Saturday, November 12, 2016

Song #224: "Volcano"--Jimmy Buffett (1979)

Buffett's 1979 album that contained today's song, which was the title track, had some really good material, even if radio didn't opt to play it back in the final year of disco-mania. You would have thought as some stations starting ending the stranglehold disco had on their playlists, they would realize that a fun Buffett tune would go along quite nicely with, say, "Heart of Glass" from Blondie, "My Sharona" from The Knack, "Pop Muzik" by M, just to name a few.

Eventually, "Volcano" did make its way to my ears, and I absolutely loved it. Fast forward nearly twenty years later and Robbie comes home from school, I believe at the start of first grade, singing this song. Come to find out, his teacher, for both kindergarten and first grade, was using it! I'll have to get Christy to refresh my memory as to how she was teaching to the test with Jimmy Buffett (hee hee hee.....)

This is the second of three songs in the countdown from Buffett, so he's back later with my favorite Buffett song.  :)

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