Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Song #220: "Alive Again"--Chicago (1978)

Coming out about a year after their last chart success with "Baby, What A Big Surprise", Chicago returned to the airwaves in the Autumn of 1978 with today's song.

The opening is, in my view, among the strongest from any Chicago song. The instrumentation throughout is fantastic, really a microcosm of the Chicago feel. You feel like you're transported to the streets of Chicago in an impromptu street party on a bright, sunny morning, being greeted by complete strangers, and, had Starbucks existed in 1978, maybe the barista would greet you outside the door of the shop with a free latte.

This song, which was later used by CBS Sports for its NBA coverage, has to be among the list of best "feel-good" songs ever. I dare you not to feel better after playing it once. You might find yourself playing it again. And again. Pun kinda intended.  :)

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