Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Song #213: "Don't Bring Me Down"--Electric Light Orchestra (1979)

We hit the halfway mark for contributions from Jeff Lynne and the gang known as "ELO" today with the fifth of their nine songs to make the Top 500.

This one is from the incredible music year of 1979 and certainly qualifies as being one of the best sing-along songs of all time. You absolutely cannot help but turn the volume up and sing along, especially on the chorus, when it comes on the radio.

And, in the "bridges" of the song, of sorts, when Lynne is purportedly heard singing, "Bruce!", it's not that, but a German word instead. But, since, in our version of "going viral" back in those days, people just thought he said "Bruce", he eventually would sing that "version" sometimes in concert just for kicks.

Talk about a perfect combination. Between the beat, the easy lyrics (except for Bruce....), the incredible drum can't go wrong with this song.

If you're in traffic today trying to get to Grandma's house, this tune will help waste some bumper to bumper time in a great way. :)

ELO returns four more times as the countdown continues.  :)

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