Sunday, November 27, 2016

Song #209: "My Brave Face"--Paul McCartney (1989)

I mentioned several days back about losing touch with pop radio, for the most part, during the late eighties and most of the nineties while I gladly focused on my work in Contemporary Christian music radio, so I can't really remember when I was exposed to this great solo song from Paul McCartney, released in the Spring of 1989.

It would be his last solo song on the Top 40 chart after nearly two decades of success post-Beatles, first with the group "Wings", then, on his own with the occasional collaboration with the likes of Stevie Wonder.

That is, until he collaborated again, this time with Kayne West, in 2014.

In the end, McCartney earns 16 spots in the Top 500: eight with the Fab Four, five with Wings, and three solo contributions, this being the top one.

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