Sunday, November 06, 2016

Song #230: "Open Your Heart"--Madonna (1986)

As I relished and cherished my final days with friends in the Berkshires 30 years ago this coming December, both at college and at WUPE/WUHN Radio, this song exploded onto Top 40 radio.

I'll never forget my final weekend in Pittsfield, as the station threw a nice luncheon for myself and a fellow co-worker, Kate Kapteyn, as we were both leaving the company. We got snow, but Mike, Brett and I still made it up to Albany Saturday morning to meet my "dream DJ", Mary Sinclair, who worked overnights at a CHR up there, Fly 92. She proved to be just as sweet, and pretty, as she projected over the air.

Then it was quickly back to the radio station for my last Saturday shift, finally spending all of Sunday there doing my last WUHN shift, going to my program director's house for dinner, then back to do my last WUPE airshift from 8pm to 1am. I then said goodbye to more great friends, headed to a friend's house in Lee, where, about four and a half hours later, we said goodbye to that chapter of my life and moved home.

My college friend Ruth Brisbin was moving home, too, so we packed a Chevrolet Chevette meticulously and made the ten-hour trip back home. And, as if it were yesterday, I distinctly remember hearing this song all the time, all across the dial.

Once instance in particular was when I was driving near Washington, DC, and then CHR-formatted "Power 105" WAVA started the song, near the top of a new hour, with this Legal ID:

"Never underestimate the Power of 105, WAVA, Arlington-Washington".

To this day, one of my favorite Legal ID's ever....

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