Monday, November 28, 2016

Song #208: "My Clone Sleeps Alone"--Pat Benatar (1979)

As we were putting the wraps on one of the best summers ever for music, 1979, and as "My Sharona" by The Knack was dominating the pop chart in a way few songs did in that, or any, decade, Chrysalis Records quietly, on August 27, 1979, released "In The Heat Of The Night" from a dynamo named Pat Benatar.

It would become well known soon enough when the single "Heartbreaker" burst onto radio as, interestingly, the second single from the LP, peaking at #23 on Casey Kasem's chart, but also successful as introducing Benatar to AOR radio audiences like XL 102's.

A deeper look into the album, and I found this, today's song, the final cut from side one. From its great piano opening to its fantastic transition into classic Benatar rock, this song is a hidden gem that we Benatar fans know from start to finish, forwards and backwards.

This is the fourth of five tunes on the countdown from Pat Benatar. My favorite? What do you think it is? We'll find out, but not for a good while, again, as I said on another recent post, not until we've enjoyed the blooms and returns of, dare I say, another spring?  :)

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