Friday, November 11, 2016

Song #225: "867-5309/Jenny"--Tommy Tutone (1982)

Though officially released late in 1981, the phone number that got everyone talking, and trying to call Jenny, became famous nationwide in 1982 as I navigated the final months of ninth grade, and the awkward two-year period of my life known simply as "junior high school".

Some back stories about why I love a certain song I still cannot reveal publicly, even after all these years, and this song falls into that category. However, I was happily with my first-ever girlfriend during the heyday of this tune.

This song definitely had its haters, but you couldn't go to a junior high or high school in America without seeing this phone number, and Jenny's name, scrawled on a bathroom wall or stall door. It sure was better than some of the other stuff I saw.

Hey Tommy! Pick up the phone and call her. It's been almost 35 years!

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