Thursday, November 24, 2016

Song #212: "Feeling Stronger Every Day"--Chicago (1973)

On this Thanksgiving Day, it's the sixth of seven Chicago songs to appear in our musical journey. It's the classic definition of a "two-part song", with a completely, seriously awesome jam in the final stretch.

There's one Chicago song remaining as the countdown rolls on. There were several great songs that didn't quite make it (Saturday In The Park, Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?, and Baby, What A Big Surprise being three of them), and a couple that, well, I didn't care for (I thought Hard To Say I'm Sorry was the most overplayed, overrated song from an otherwise killer Summer of 1982 for music, though I liked the longer version with the upbeat jam that always got cut off of radio).

What is my favorite Chicago song? We'll find out.....soon. But, in a partial spoiler, it may not happen before the robins return and signs of life sprout again.  :)

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