Saturday, October 01, 2016

Song #266: "Who's That Girl?"--Madonna (1987)

By the time this song, and the movie with the same name, were released in the Summer of 1987, we were three plus years into Madonna-Mania in the pop world. She could do no wrong by this point. I think she could have re-released "The Morning After" from the movie "The Poseidon Adventure" (a movie I adore, by the way), put a dance track to it, and crack the top five.

I never saw this movie. In fact, I've never seen any Madonna movie. It was somewhat surprising when I broke down this countdown into artists that Madonna ended up with five songs in my Top 500.

I certainly was never a Madonna fan per se, and some of her songs absolutely nauseate me (see "Like A Virgin"). But there was several that I really, really enjoyed, and thus their inclusion. We have two more to go, somewhere down the road.  :)

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