Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Song #242: "Love Comes To Everyone"--George Harrison (1979)

George Harrison never got enough credit.

When people discuss the post-Beatle years from 1970 to present concerning members of The Fab Four, you hear the most about Paul McCartney, who, yes, had the most success, both with Wings and solo, as well as other collaborations.

We'll never know what John Lennon would have given to us post-December, 1980, sadly. Ringo Starr had a few hits, some movie roles, and is always looked upon as the lovable Beatle, so to speak.

Then there's George. Most, when discussing his solo work, immediately go to his "All Things Must Pass" LP, and certainly, it deserves much praise.

But, if I were proverbially stuck on a deserted island and given just ten albums to live on, his eighth studio album, "George Harrison", released early in 1979 would make that list. I owned the LP and I played the living daylights out of it.

Two songs make the Top 500 from this release, so I can't, at least today, get into which songs I really enjoyed without creating a spoiler alert. So, for now, enjoy the first of those two, a song which led off Side A as a matter of fact.

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