Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Song #263: "Don't Fight It"--Kenny Loggins with Steve Perry (1982)

I can't remember if I got a new clipboard (yes, clipboard!) to start my career at Patrick Henry High School in late August of 1982, but just before entering tenth grade, and a brave new world, I do remember this song dropping on radio and thinking, "WHOA!"

It became an immediate jam, with two of the best and most distinctive voices of this pop/rock era joining forces for today's song.

Add a lead rhythm guitar performance from Neil Giraldo, who you might know as Mr. Pat Benatar, and the ingredients were all there for a song that demanded you turned your stereo up to maximum level.

With the headphones that you got for your birthday on, of course.

That was the BEST birthday gift I've ever received, by the way. Headphones for my 15th birthday earlier that summer from my Dad and Stepmom. I'm sure the present was as much for them as they were for me. :)  It was the first of several pairs I wore out jamming day and night. Mostly at night.

Go to page 33 of the 1982 Radio Shack catalog HERE. My headphones are to the far right for $14.95.

Trivia: This is the fourth song out of twelve in our countdown whose song title begins with the word "Don't".

How many hints do I need to drop?  Click play below, and turn the computer to 100.  :)

By the way, this is our final contribution from Kenny Loggins. Honorable mentions include Vox Humana, Meet Me Halfway, This Is It, and Welcome To Heartlight. And, if you want to make me cry, turn on some "Return To Pooh Corner".  :)

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