Monday, October 10, 2016

Song #257: "Blow"--Kesha (2011)

This one came out of left field. Trust me.

Released near the end of my second, and longest, period of unemployment, I first heard the song on a weekend trip to North Carolina in April, 2011, during a time of compromise with the radio, mostly to assuage Rachel, I'm sure.

This song came on a couple of times and I was first intrigued by the opening, then the bridge, then the beat. A week later, I'm looking around for a copy to jam to in the car, not on a trip, all by myself.

There aren't a lot of songs from the 21st Century on our countdown, as most people tend to identify most with the songs of their youth, and I'm certainly no different. But this one won me over, as has several others, a few of which made our list.

Now for the anthem about heading to the club to have a good night.

Well Known Fact: I've never gone to such a club, thus, never had a good night there, either.  :)

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