Thursday, October 13, 2016

Song #254: "Throwing It All Away"--Genesis (1986)

What a five-year stretch for the group Genesis from 1981, when they released the super album "Abacab", to 1983's self-titled release, then on to "Invisible Touch" in 1986, just in time for me to get to spin some great tunes at my first professional radio job.

At WUPE-FM in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, we were an adult contemporary station, but we did play "Invisible Touch", played the living daylights out of it, in fact. That song was about as "hot" as we got with our sound at the time.

The follow-up single that summer, today's song, was much more aligned with our format, and we wore it out in heavy rotation, too. A simply marvelous tune with a final verse that is so haunting, and dead on true.

"Someday, you'll be sorry, someday when you're free;
Memories will remind you that our love was meant to be.
But late at night when you call my name,
The only sound you'll hear is the sound of your voice calling...calling out to me."

We've all pretty much had that feeling (whether we've voiced it or not to that special someone is another story) and we've all pretty much felt the way the verse described.

This song was a sharp pierce to the heart of millions thirty years ago, and continues to cut deep today.

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