Friday, October 07, 2016

Song #260: "Private Idaho"--The B-52's (1980)

It's the first of three contributions in our Top 500 countdown from The B-52's, and I'll go ahead and give away a spoiler here to set up today's song.

After the group burst onto radio in the midst of the New Wave musical revolution with "Rock Lobster", a song that I completely when head over heels for, the B's returned with this, the first single from their 1980 release, "Wild Planet".

A bit slower, a bit of a reminder of Rock Lobster, but it carved its own niche, and made parents across America look at 13-year olds like me and wonder what exactly a Private Idaho is. By the way, legend has it Idaho represented a state of paranoia that one needed to get out of.

So, "Dude, you're so paranoid!" became "You're living in your own Private Idaho".

Works for me. Now, pardon me while I look over my shoulder......

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