Friday, October 14, 2016

Song #253: "Roundabout"--Yes (1972)

Recorded in 1971, today's song was released as a single just after we rang in the new year of 1972 with Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians . And, many of you don't remember Guy and the gang. :)

I would discover this song years later as I discovered the AOR radio format, AOR standing for "Album Oriented Rock". This type of format would welcome an eight and a half minute gem from one of the founding groups of the progressive rock movement. Top 40 radio would not, and thus, the radio single came in at a robust (for the time) 3:27, and made it to #13 on the charts.

How you can edit this song by 60 percent is beyond me and I refuse to listen to the shortened version. It's like a :30 promo for an hour-long TV drama. I'm not posting it below either.  :) :)

Yes has eight songs in our countdown, six from one of my albums of all-time, 1983's "90125". Today's song joins "All Good People" which appeared earlier in the countdown as Yes tunes not on that recording.  :)

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