Friday, October 28, 2016

Song #239: "Your Number Or Your Name"--The Knack (1979)

Of the five songs in our countdown from the comet known as "The Knack", three come from their groundbreaking 1979 "Get The Knack" release, and two were off the blatant rip-off of an album they rushed to release months later, "But The Little Girls Understand", which had fewer good songs, and, was almost as much a career-ender as "Get The Knack" was a career-maker.

Today is the fourth song from the group to appear in our countdown, as we've revealed two from each album. Thus, by process of elimination, we'll hear from them one final time from the better album at some point before June 23rd.

It's hard to believe a group I'd never heard of in June, 1979 had essentially flamed out by June, 1980. Life's a funny thing sometimes. But The Knack certainly left their mark on my musical tastes in a very short period of time.

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