Thursday, October 20, 2016

Song #247: "Walking On Sunshine"--Katrina And The Waves (1985)

Can you think back in your life about a song that you love that was released at the perfect time, encapsulating all the good things happening to you at that snapshot of your earthly journey?

"Walking On Sunshine" is "that" song for me.

The song was released the day before my senior prom, which was April 27, 1985. Things were really, really, really good in life.

I was in the homestretch of senior year, had a wonderful girlfriend, had started a new job at Kings Dominion, my Dad was still recovering, and struggling, with effects from his brain aneurysm of a year earlier, but, hey, he was with us, and that in itself was a huge blessing.

Now, as May rolled and became June, and as I prepared to, then walked across the stage at The Mosque to wrap up twelve years in Hanover County Public Schools, Katrina and The Waves came crashing into the party to give me, essentially, a theme song to this important period of my life.

I had family, a pretty woman's love, a 1979 Chevette, a diploma, a few dollars, and big dreams for my future. Put all that together with this song, and it's "meant to be".

Need a pick me up? Need to celebrate? Just click play below. The song takes me back to an exact moment when, returning from somewhere, I had this song blasting in my aforementioned car as I rolled into the driveway back at the parsonage in Beaverdam.

I was on top of the world.  :)

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