Sunday, October 09, 2016

Song #258: "All Over The World"--Electric Light Orchestra (1980)

It's, I guess, a good time to confess that I never saw the movie "Xanadu".

I think, 36 years later, that was, and is, a good decision.

But I did love a lot of the music connected with the film that appeared on the soundtrack, especially the contributions of the Electric Light Orchestra (also known as ELO). Their first single from the soundtrack, "I'm Alive", appeared here at #324 a couple of months back.

The follow-up single makes its appearance today, a feel-good song about joining the party a la others before it, most notably the classic "Dancin' In The Streets".

Today's song is the fourth of nine in our countdown for ELO, good for third most in the Top 500 behind Genesis and The Moody Blues.

So, party like you just decided to take in "The Empire Strikes Back" at Ridge Cinema instead of "Xanadu", and jam to ELO!  :)

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