Sunday, October 16, 2016

Song #251: "(Keep Feeling) Fascination"--Human League (1983)

We reach the midway point of the Rob Witham 500 today with the lone contribution of a UK group that certainly left its mark on the Eighties music scene, even though they really only hit it big three times on the American charts.

This song ended up #33 for the year 1983 on the Billboard Hot 100, released with just a few weeks left in my sophomore year of high school. Thus, it was a major part of the early soundtrack of the Summer of 1983, which began with my first (of only two) trips to California.

And what a trip it was! My homeroom teacher, the late, great Eleanor Tenney, around the last day of school, upon finding I was headed west, gave me a camera and film and told me to get lots of pictures, and to get with her when I got back! That was an amazing amount of trust given to an almost sixteen year old.

Now, thanks to her generosity, 33 years later, I still have a couple of packets filled with slides from that trip, which included my first time ever on an airplane. I also have the ticket from that flight, aboard this now-defunct airline.

It was the trip where I watched The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson live (with guest Robin Williams), watched Reggie Jackson and the California Angels play at Anaheim Stadium, and much more. Great times.  :)

Back to today's song. Human League had three Top 10 hits. The other two went to #1. This song peaked at #8.

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