Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Song #255: "Heartless"--Heart (1978)

Originally recorded two years earlier but caught up in legal issues with a record company, "Heartless" would eventually be released in the midst of a string of great singles from Ann and Nancy Wilson.

Before it, there was "Crazy On You". Still to come was "Straight On", both songs you still hear on classic rock radio today. Less often, sadly, you hear today's song.

The second of three Heart contributions to our countdown, it combines fantastic guitar work, the usual out of this world vocals, and a driving beat with super pauses going from end of chorus to the next stage in the process. And the ending is just perfect. And did I forget to mention the bridge?

Which song from Heart do I love even more than "Heartless"? We'll find out down the road.  :)

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