Monday, October 03, 2016

Song #264: "Things Can Only Get Better"--Howard Jones (1985)

If you ever get into a roundtable discussion (or something thereabouts) about male artists of the 1980's, the obvious players come up first.

Michael Jackson
Phil Collins (with or without Genesis)
Sting (with or without The Police)
Bruce Springsteen

As the conversation continued, finally, someone intelligent would say, "Hey, don't forget about Howard Jones!"

Jones is like the key utility player on a baseball team. He rarely starts, but can play several positions and seems to find ways to win your club ball games, so much so that you'd never dream of not having him on the roster.

He's Earl Morrall to Bob Griese for you old-time NFL fans. He's solid, and developed a very impressive library of singles during his run.

Today's song is the first of two to make our countdown, a song which kicked off his 1985 release, "Dream Into Action". It cracked the top five, and ended as his second biggest chart hit. I won't talk about other Jones' tunes because another will appear later in our countdown. Then, we'll take a look at his stellar library.

A salute to you, Howard Jones!

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