Sunday, October 23, 2016

Song #244: "Cool Places"--Sparks with Jane Wiedlin (1983)

We had mentioned earlier that Go-Go's member Jane Wiedlin would return once more on her own in our countdown. Well, to a point.

Wiedlin's second non-Go-Go's appearance comes with, interestingly enough, one of her favorite childhood groups. She'd have no idea in the seventies that, in the next decade, she would record with them and help them achieve one of their better known songs.

Today's tune didn't hit Casey Kasem's American Top 40, peaking at #49, but certain radio stations gave it a spin in the Spring and early Summer of 1983, and I was sure glad of it.

Scratching your head trying to remember the song? Hit that play button below. Jane returns again with the Go-Go's soon as the countdown rolls on.  :)

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