Sunday, October 30, 2016

Song #237: "Keep It Tight"--Single Bullet Theory (1982)

If you're not from the Richmond area, or more specifically, if you weren't here in 1982, you probably don't know this song.

It did make the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at #78, representing the band's only chart success to that level. And, not long after this song hit radio and left us wanting more of Single Bullet Theory, they disbanded.

But, for a brief time, the group originally known as "X-Breed" back in the mid-1970's, a staple of the Richmond club scene for years, had that "15 Minutes of Fame" with an incredibly underrated song that deserved much more exposure than it received. That's probably the fault of some suit in an office at CBS Records (at the time) that didn't have a clue.  :)

It'll bring back memories for some of you, and for others, enjoy, for the first time, the Top 500 contribution of Single Bullet Theory.  :)

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