Friday, September 30, 2016

Song #267: "Monday Morning"--Fleetwood Mac (1975)

Of the three Fleetwood Mac songs to make our countdown, there are one each from three different albums. Today's contribution comes from their aptly titled "Fleetwood Mac" album, leading off side one.

Like Duran Duran a few days ago, this group, too had several songs that missed the cut as we narrowed some 750 or so songs down to the final 500, most notably two from "Rumours", and maybe not two that you would immediately think of.

It was very hard not to include "The Chain", and "I Don't Want To Know", for example.

Both today's song, and the earlier posted "Second Hand News", led off their albums. My favorite Fleetwood Mac song, which we'll get to later down the road, did not. That's all the hint you get.  :)

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