Monday, September 12, 2016

Song #285: "Holiday Road"--Lindsey Buckingham (1983)

It is the first of two solo appearances for this former member of Fleetwood Mac. The first song comes from a movie, the soundtrack to "National Lampoon's Vacation". It didn't do well on the charts, peaking at all of #82.

However, its lasting impression is its appearance in the film and sequels in the series. I rather enjoyed the tune because it was just a bundle of fun wrapped up in a short song, complete with dog barking. Easy to sing to, I thought it was a welcome addition to the soundtrack of the Summer of 1983. And, today, it's a perfect song to get you through a Monday!

Buckingham will be back later in the countdown, both by himself and with Fleetwood Mac. If, somehow, you've made it through the past 33 years without enjoying "Holiday Road", do yourself a favor and press play below.  :)

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