Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Song #269: "The Reflex"--Duran Duran (1984)

From the worldwide smash "Seven And The Ragged Tiger" comes the second and final contribution by Duran Duran in our Top 500 Countdown.

By the time the countdown was on to the video release of this song on MTV, Duran Duran had become a worldwide phenomenon, briefly making people think back twenty years to another set of Brits who hit it big, really, really big.

I distinctly remember traveling down to North Carolina to spend a few days with my brother over Spring Break in 1984, and can still visualize the promo MTV played, over and over and over, for their premiere of the video to this song. He had cable in Clayton, North Carolina, and we certainly did not in Beaverdam, Virginia. So, I soaked up as much MTV as I could when I was there.  :)

For a promo using some of the video to promote MTV's "stereo" service, click here.  :)

We mentioned during this group's first countdown appearance that there would be some good songs from them that I liked that just missed the cut. Highest among them have to be "A View To A Kill", "Save A Prayer" and "Girls On Film".

So head back and relive the fanaticism of the Spring of 1984, perhaps the peak of "Duran Duran Mania". WrestleMania would come a year later.  :)

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