Saturday, September 24, 2016

Song #273: "Don't Sleep In The Subway"--Petula Clark (1967)

Perhaps best known for her hit "Downtown", Petula Clark makes our musical journey with a song she released two months before my birth. The song peaked at #5 on the charts around the time I "debuted" at Richmond Memorial Hospital in June, 1967.

This song was also an oldies staple for years when WRVA played music, and was heard, a lot, on our recorded cassettes of music off the radio.

Yes Millennials, we would sit by the clock radio in our bedroom, my brother and I, and wait for our favorite songs to come on, then frantically press record and play when they did, and stayed VERY quiet for the song's duration.

And we hated DJ chatter leading up to or ending the song too early. I later was guilty of both.  :)

One of my early "favorite" songs, below, from Ms. Clark, who will turn 84 in November!

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