Sunday, September 04, 2016

Song #293: "Doesn't Anybody Stay Together Anymore?"--Phil Collins (1985)

Back with his third of six solo contributions to the countdown, and second of four from his monster 1985 album, "No Jacket Required" is Phil Collins.

At Song #451 (Long, Long Way To Go), we discussed the importance of this release to me as I transitioned from Beaverdam, Virginia to Lenox, Massachusetts, from high school to college. There's not a bad song on the whole project, nothing that you skip.

Today's song is Phil's ode to a seemingly endless series of divorces in his life, including an earlier one of his own, though at the time he was newly and happily married. He would divorce Jill, his second wife, in 1996, and would marry once more in 1999.

Drums, of course, play a large role in this song, and so does the vocal pacing, especially from verse into chorus, and during the bridge. Which two other tunes make our countdown from "NJR"? Time will tell, but here's a hint. You don't have to be a chart topping smash to make my chart.  :)

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