Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Song #291: "Snowblind"--Styx (1981)

It was the final single released from Styx's 1981 concept album, "Paradise Theatre", which told the fictional story of a theatre in Chicago by the same name, from its great opening in "AD 1928" to its shuttering thirty years later.

Today's song was a look at the cycles involved in drug addiction, specifically cocaine. It's haunting, discussing the false promises and harsh reality that comes with that situation. The music ebbs and flows to signify those ups and downs.

The song got final exposure as the B-side of Styx's first single from their 1983 album, "Kilroy Was Here", the immensely successful, "Mr. Roboto". The reason for that is a long story for another day. (Hint: if you read my sentence backwards, it won't make any sense....)

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