Thursday, September 15, 2016

Song #282: "Higher And Higher (Live)"--The Moody Blues (1969)

It's the song that led off the concept album, "To Our Children's Children's Children", the Moody Blues' tribute to space travel from the milestone year of 1969 which saw Neil Armstrong become the first man to step foot on the surface of the Moon.

It's also the first song written completely by the group's great drummer Graeme Edge, who, today, handles all the narration of the song when the group does it live during Act II of their concerts, beginning with a look back through his own years, including an ode each to AARP and Viagra. :)

Hearing it live is the best, especially when you see the on-stage antics of Edge, who turned 75 three days after the video below was shot. Interestingly, my childhood friend from high school, Janice Lloyd Thompson, was at this Charlotte show, which took place three days after my seventh journey with the Moodies here in Richmond back on March 25th.

We love ya, Graeme! Go Higher and Higher!

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