Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Song #283: "Boo Boo Baba Baba Dee Dee"--Cartoon Network (1998)

A commercial, yes, a commercial, swept like wildfire through our house in the late 1990's during my time as a "stay at home Dad" (which, by the way, is my favorite job of all-time), so much so that life stopped when it came on the television.

It also led me to eventually purchase the CD, "Cartoon Medley", which featured 36 of the greatest hits of Cartoon Network, which, at the time, still had a healthy daytime dose of classic cartoons, plus their 1990's originals which became staples at our house, from "Dexter's Laboratory" to "The Powerpuff Girls". Robbie also had a special affinity for watching "Ed, Edd and Eddy" before school, and we liked "Johnny Bravo", too.

From the classic era, we bring you a song in sixty seconds. I dare you to learn the lyrics, then video yourself singing along!  :)

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