Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Song #290: "Tonight, The Heartache's On Me"--Dixie Chicks (1998)

Different songs intersect with people at different times, and definitely not always when they are first released to the general public.

Such is the case with today's song, as I discovered it over a decade after it first appeared on the Dixie Chicks' "Wide Open Spaces" CD, cracking the top ten on the country charts in 1999.

After suffering my second layoff from a job in less than two years, I will admit to feeling defeated, especially since the economic situation in our country was still, well, terrible, back in late 2009. Add to that a myriad of physical issues which definitely overshadowed even the employment issue, and, well, you get the idea.

If a song with a hook and a good message of "yeah, I know how you feel" rolls around, I'm all over it. And, sure enough, this song came on one day while I was helping out at WHAN Radio up in Ashland. It immediately caught my ear. A few plays off the air, and I was hooked.

Their politics aside, this song is fantastic. By the way, my countdown is filled with artists that I love and respect for their music, while I may disagree with their political stands. Whatever. My days of being overtly political on social media are long gone, for several reasons, but one rule I do have is I don't "unfriend" people due to their beliefs.

Two reasons:

1) It's not nice, and generally, I like my friends.
2) I appreciate diverse points of view. I appreciate them all the more when presented with some thought and reason.

Now, back to the song.  :)

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