Friday, September 16, 2016

Song #281: "Twisting By The Pool"--Dire Straits (1983)

The second and final Dire Straits song in our countdown comes from an extended play release in 1983, with "Twisting By The Pool" finding moderate chart success both in the UK and the U.S., as it found bigger success in, of all places, New Zealand, enjoying four weeks there as number one. They have good taste. :)

It's a definite departure from "Sultans Of Swing" or "Skateaway", and without a doubt the most "let your hair down" fun song they ever released to radio.

Charles and Diana are having babies, the cost of living is okay (so says Mark), so take in a show or meet new people at the disco while you dance to the Euro beat. All the while, make sure your center of gravity is over by the pool.  :)

This song received new life in our house a decade ago on a mix CD that played a lot in the car with my kids for ten days while my wife went on her first cruise with her late aunt.

My favorite Dire Straits song:

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